Future Thoughts.


I want the best life possible and I don’t think a lot of people understand what I mean when I say that. There is a reason that I haven’t had children yet, and why I can not be in a committed relationship, and the reason is because I NEED to have myself completely together first. I want to give myself the world before I include anyone else into my life and I refuse to deviate from that plan. When I finally do decide to take someone serious I don’t want to have to worry about what I can do for them financially, I just want to be able to do it without it affecting me at all. I never in my life want to have to depend on anyone because I want us both to come to the table fully equipped and able to do for each other without one bit of stress. I want to struggle alone for now so that when I truly am ready the struggle will have been worth it. So all that I ask is that God give me relentless strength and courage, because if I have that there is nothing I can not push myself through.


One thought on “Future Thoughts.

  1. Great thoughts, and i feel the same way, its good to come into everything on the own two, and knowing thy self.. though i think knowing one self – being happy inside is the main thing, because in a relationship, you can lean and build on each other.. but when one aint happy inside they depend on the other to make them happy, and eventually that power fades and so does the relationship.. Much power to you, and very interesting thoughts..

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