Submerged in thought in the hopes that time doesn’t notice her. Clocks move but she sits there effortlessly thinking and analyzing. You know…she could sit there for hours, alone, with her thoughts and often times she does. She blocks out the world and its just her and her brain, together. She thinks to herself; “Who needs conversation, when your own thoughts are enough to move into the room next door and basically occupy it….as your roommate.” And she engages her creative mind with idea and stories and she sings to herself and she dances and most of all….she thinks, she thinks of all the things people become too busy and self consumed to think about. She thinks of herself and paints herself into different lives she could live. She thinks of the good, the bad, and even the ugly. She thinks and she thinks and she thinks and before her head gets to the point of spontaneous combustion, out the door she goes to escape the many realms of her mind.


One thought on “Trapped.

  1. Deep Stuff, Yes The Mind is Amazing, A Fantasy world that can overcome , over power Reality once we control it.. And It is Beautiful to escape it alot.. alot.. Great Thoughts, You have a Way With Words!!

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