My cousin has always been like a sister to me. Born to my mother’s sister and now in her early 30s, we couldn’t be any closer than what we are now. Recently her boyfriend of basically forever proposed to her in New Orleans and I thought I would cry forever, until today. What I want my readers to understand is that this has been the epitome of what it means to be a role model. Since childhood I have looked up to her and watched as she crossed boundaries that a majority of my family couldn’t even fathom…Today she told me she is pregnant and she sent me one of the most powerful texts I’ve ever had the fortune of receiving and it read: “I’ve been so blessed in my life with so many positive things happening for me, that I thought when it was time for me to try and have a baby that it would be hard for me because there would be no way I could be blessed with a child after so many blessings.Everyone has always said I’d be a good mom,I’m so good with kids, blah blah…that i thought maybe I would never get a chance to be one.” In simply reading those words I think I cried for a good thirty minutes. With age comes so much change and if my Paw-Paw were here to see this he would probably be in tears and he would just be so proud. I’m crying as I type this because with every loss comes great joy and I can’t express how proud and honored I am to be able to witness something that means so much to a person I have put on such a pedestal and who has managed to never get knocked off. My grandpa thought she was everything and if this isn’t a gift that he contributed to than I don’t know what is. I don’t even feel like its another cousin, I feel like it is going to be my niece or my nephew and I know that I don’t even have to pray for greatness because he/she will be everything and more…a blessing.


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