I’m beautiful. Beautiful in mind, in spirit, and in the knowledge of the ways of the world. No I don’t know everything and no I haven’t been to all the countries that I want to…but I will. And no I’m not sure of what the future holds but I am ready. It is so easy to doubt who you will become and to misunderstand your essence, but don’t. Just be. Be you, be everything you want to see in your reflection. Don’t plan just go. Walk outside every single day of your existence and take everything in your view in. Love everyone with so much passion that they fall in love with your intensity and in turn go out into the world and spread the joy that you created. Scream when you want to, cry when you have to but let those moments be short lived and seek joy again. Sit outside and just breathe your energy into the world and inhale creation. And never, not even for a second forget that you’re alive.


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