It it very hard for me to go to church. Funny way to start out a post right? It isn’t hard for me because of the religious aspect but it is hard for me because I don’t believe in people. I don’t believe in the idea that one man can lead a congregation as though God speaks directly through them. I am constantly reminded of the fact that people are only human and everyone makes mistakes and I just can’t be the type of person who allows myself to be led blindly. I’ve been to church throughout my life and some of the things that supposed people of God can say about other people will never cease to amaze me. I love God and there is no doubt that I am and never have been a saint, and I won’t ever let myself act as though I am holier than thou. I feel like my relationship with God is just that..mine. I don’t need anyone to talk me through it or even guide me through it because he knows my heart and when I need to come to him, no matter where I am, he’s there. I’ll never slander the church but to me it is a man made institution, rather you choose to go or not that does not say anything about your values. 


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