June 22nd.



I woke up this morning early and with a heavy heart. Today marks the day that a close friend of mine lost his mother and I don’t know what it is that makes today so different, but it is. I realize that I can be so petty and so self absorbed sometimes not realizing you can lose a person in an instance. I see him every year and it seems like it will never get easier and my heart dies for him. I remember the day I lost my grandfather,July 27th. Every year since then life has just gone on but I have not been back to Fairmont, WV since. When you lose someone close to you I don’t think you can ever know such pain. You try to cope and explain to your own self what happened but you can’t, and your heart sends signals to your brain that tells it that it needs to understand and it needs answers, but your brain is stumped. Today is just one of those days that is a reminder that you can’t take people for granted. When loss is so devastating there shouldn’t be a second that goes by that you don’t appreciate the people that you love, you can’t just wait until your heart has to ask your brain for an explanation as to why its broken. So many things in life are so petty but everyday you should remind yourself to seek joy because pain is inevitable. 


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