Today I read a piece from a blog tilted “Being Jamie” and I don’t know what it was about it that moved me to the point of writing about it. I’ve always been compassionate when it comes to the LGBT community so I just want to really talk about what it meant to me. In reading a book titled “The Happiness Project” Jamie came across the author’s twelve commandments and the commandment that stood out to her most was one that talked about being who you are and not who you wish you were. Everyday I sit in my cubicle and rich I was living the lives that some of my friends are currently living. They graduated from college and immediately got the job that they wanted and have already transitioned into what i consider to be “adult life.” Having graduated in December of 2012 I came out with the idea that everything would just fall into place. I saw people around me getting jobs and I though to myself; “no worries, I’m next.” Countless interviews later, I sit here, tattoos covered, and think to myself..what is this? A friend of mine posted a picture from his office on Wall Street and I swear I turned green with envy, literally.

Upon graduation I began applying to jobs I had no interest in whatsoever. Even with the interviews that I accepted, upon arrival I knew the jobs would be ones that I would hate. The ideas of an enclosed working space, forever wearing turtle necks to cover the tattoo on my chest just to appear professional, were ones I was willing to accept for the right price. After watching endless TED videos, just hoping to stumble upon the meaning of life, I realized I had to become the catalyst, so I began to write again. Jamie spoke about spending your time and funds on what you really want to do and revitalizing your desires and that is exactly what I am going to do. I’ve always been a writer and I let college take away my zeal, but I refuse to disregard my passion any longer. Jamie’s article was just what I needed to free myself from a slow descent into a passionless life, so it is back to equipping myself with pen and paper and searching for inspiration.

Thank You Jamie.


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