Paint me a picture. Paint me a picture of life, of love, of entirety. Show me the world through a lens that it not of my own and I will let it consume me. I will analyze every pixel and every perspective and try to make it my own in the efforts of understanding. I will dive into a sea of misunderstaning and confusion and light and I will emerge changed. I will take something as simple as a word and turn it into a sentence that will travel through my brain and produce something epic. I will be a canvas for others to paint on in order to portray their image to the world. Show me something new and extravagant and weird, just show me. I can’t promise to always understand but I can promise you one thing; No matter what it is that is presented to me I will look at it with all the life I have within me. I will create a masterpiece out of simplicty because that is who I am. I will not be afraid to embrace what seems foreign to me because I have seen beauty emerge from the most abstract of creations…so show me.


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