Creative Awareness.


Today I rediscovered my passion and I really had to ask myself how I ever went so long without tapping into the part of my mind where all my words have been kept in a vault. I think in life often times we let the real world dull our desire for creativity and our need to express ourselves in the way that we want to. With so many standards to conform to in order to be a productive member of society we start to conform in all the other aspects of our lives, without even fully realizing what it is we’re doing. I don’t want to stifle my creativity but sometimes I feel like every time I have to go to work and cover my tattoos a little bit of me becomes stifled as well. I want to be me…crazy,silly,canvas me. I always tell people that the human body is a canvas so I feel like it should be shown and admired and uninhibited…and free.


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