In a dim lit room she slowly walks to the bed with a slight air of seduction. He looks her in her eyes as she places herself at the edge, but he knows that look. Temptation oozes from her pores at the very sight of the way his gaze locks upon her. He needs her, needs to touch her, to kiss her, to be inside her, but she won’t let him…not just yet. She crawls toward him as she attempts to meet his lips playfully, pulling away as he tries to pull her in. Her kisses lead to his neck as she can feel him against her dying to get inside. A trail of kisses lead down to his belt as she caresses it with body heat that sends her into thoughts of whats to come. She unsheathes it and draws him into her mouth as he writhes in pleasure.and she tastes her body’s connoisseur. With every motion of her mouth the desire intensifies as her tongue  explores what is soon to be deep inside. She becomes a fiend for the pain filled pleasure of him dividing her soft pink delicacy and having his way with it. As she sucks she imagines the head upon first entrance and can’t help but moan at the very thought of this inevitable penetration. He finally pins her down with a bestial look as he grabs his saliva soaked dick and plunges into her wetness as she screams out in ecstasy.With every stroke she feels herself getting closer and closer to the ultimate satisfaction. She begins to feel her leg quiver as she desperately tries to escape from beneath him, but there is no escaping this feeling. It begins to seize her body as she pushes and hits his chest, but he knows this reaction so he pushes himself deeper and deeper. Before she knows it she is shaking mercilessly as she drenches his dick in everything that her body has been dying to give, leaving her lifeless, but he’s not done…. 


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