Being an over thinker is truly like a disease. You start with something small and before you know it you’ve built a manhole of misguided thoughts that you just have to pause and re-analyze, but the problem comes when you can’t seem to pause. I can take ANYTHING and over think it because of the rate that my mind consistenly moves at, which is probably why people think I’m crazy. For example say I send a text, and an hour goes by without a response, I automatically assume that the person is never going to talk to me again lmao and from that point on I start to think about how I’ll never text them again and in some cases I even delete their number just to find out that they do text me back -_-…i know, dramatic right? I’m currently over thinking my life which in these situations as of lately makes me want to begin preparations to ship my car to California and begin the job hunt via internet there…what? You can’t just pack up and move to California that swiftly without a ticket purchase nor any prior extensive planning whatsoever! And what was the point of me going to college if I can’t even get a new job! And why am I typing this like I’m talking to someone directly!?lmao Why the hell did I major in English and Women’s Studies instead of like Human Resources or Business or something relevant that won’t lead me to a path of poverty!! My brain is basically about to explode…



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