People always remembers things that happen that end


People always remembers things that happen that end up contributing to a fear that they have. I don’t know if this was always a pre-exisiting thing but I have a true fear of abandonment when it comes to someone saying they’re going to do something.I never realized how real it was but everytime someone tells me they’re going to do something and they flake my heart drops into my stomach, especially when it is someone I like. When I was 18 I got into one of the worst relationships in my life. The strange thing is, out of all the terrible things that happened I just remember the times we would make plans and I would wait for hours, to the point of not sleeping just to place unanswered phone calls and texts that apparently didn’t deserve a response. So now even when someone is running late my anxiety sky rokcets. Being stood up without an explanation is absolutely unacceptable, it takes all of one second to send a text. All I ask is to be spoiled with consistensy. always remain the same you and you won’t have to worry about a different me.


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