I want to understand the world, I want



I want to understand the world, I want the answers to feelings and emotions and I don’t want to have to think I just want to know.The problem with this omnipresent mindset is that I can’t seem to silence my mind and just be…..Even in my deepest breathes there’s a search for answers and a lingering scent of unanswered questions..I just want someone on the street to stop me one day and hand me a book that holds the secrets to existence but I’m always thinking to myself “Be careful what you ask for?” But all I ask for is this; no more hidden agendas and lies and heartache that people fail to tread lightly within. No more being careless with feelings and leaving trails of destruction just because a person isn’t ready.No more jaded beings floating around the planet mistaking hearts for the next victim of their unwritten tragedy.When did everything become so complicated is the question that seems to endlessly suppress my soul….When did I become so tainted and devastated to the point where I just gave up on my worth temporarily? They say it’s easy to get caught up in life, but all I ask is that I can get back to me. Back to that genuine smile that was always sincere and deserving, way before I got lost in stories by authors other than myself.


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