Breaking Point.

Lately I’ve been seeing so many down ass females getting treated horribly and I just have to speak on it. A man will only treat you the way you allow him to treat you and that is honestly one of the realest statements that was ever made. As much love as women have in their heart I’m sorry but there is not enough love in the world to allow yourself to be mistreated and continuously shitted on. Please believe there was a time where I was most definitely a victim of this stupidity (and yes it is blatant stupidity) but eventually there does come a breaking point. I understand the fear of being alone and I even understand the fear of getting back into the dating groove especially with what our generation is looking like but damn is being alone really such a horrible thing? Occasionally yes you get lonely but since when was your own self not enough? How many “I’m sorry”s can you listen to before you realize that actions will always speak louder than words? I see people going ham about Mimi from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta…but for real some of ya’ll are Mimi and can’t even see it. I hear the phrase “love is blind” all the time but gahdamn is it blind and deaf? As a female I do get it…I really do…when you love hard it’s not easy to just walk away especially when you have put your all into a relationship, but we have to learn to save our own dignity, pride and integrity and know when enough is enough.


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