Dumfries Blues

JoJo’s ice cream drips from summer grain cones,

as heat brings about animation to a rundown Virginia town.

The first to be chartered, its age far exceeds its use.

A pit stop in route to some distant relevance.

Cul-de-sacs that have replaced trees line neighborhoods,

as children ride bikes to BP, unaware of oil spills and catastrophes.

Friday nights spent at Potomac Mills Mall ending in arrests for either

fighting or stealing, but what else was there for an idle mind?

One of the world’s most tragic middle schools, where upon completing

8th grade all females became a statistic. A town of many mysteries, that

was, before we got older, before getting out of this town was what everyone

strived for, back when all anyone had to worry about was making it home

before the street lights. Those who were smart moved away.

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